Cubimo was started based on genuine belief in the potential that resides within people everywhere. No matter where a person is born, who they happen to know or what their bank account happens to currently look like: if they have good ideas, then we want them to be able to be co-creators of the future. And the more mixing and matching, the better as we believe the differences in people are strengths that serve as a foundation for creation.

At Cubimo, we want to democratize Entrepreneurship by bringing opportunity to people and we look forward to seeing what will happen when everyone in the world with an internet connection suddenly has unlimited access to Innovation. Our mission at Cubimo is to create the conditions for this to be possible.

The truth is that NOTHING significant gets done by knowing exactly how to do it. You will only know how after you have done it. When you set a goal based on what you truly want and if you make it big enough, you will not know how to do it. And THAT is being on the right path. You are doing something right.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it

Peter Drucker

Intersection for Innovation

A Cubimo hosted Community is the intersection of people, vision and technology. It is how an organization, influencer or NGO puts forth their areas of focus into the world and invites people to help improve current circumstances. It is the place where global challenges meet with local solutions from people in their home environment. It is simply an invitation for innovation.

Your community is the birthplace for new ideas and Cubimo is a process for giving them life. The combination is to Entrepreneurs what the flight deck is to a pilot by allowing people with ideas to stay focused on where they want to go, rather than having to look for information, people, tools or resources for how to get there.

From now on, it will be the idea and the intention that is important and everything else will have to follow.

At Cubimo, we believe ideas come to people for a reason and that it is important that they act on their ideas when they come. Now they can.

“Anyone can complain and see a problem. That's easy.
Entrepreneurs can focus and see the solution. That takes courage.
- Joakim Von Schéele Fohlman
founder and CEO of Cubimo